Sunday, May 20, 2007


Sorry no posts for such a long time. It's been a long and exciting last week of classes - final exam week - grading period - trying to catch up on all of the matters ignored during this time. If the student loan folks had any mercy (I know, they don't) they would simply bill us double in June and leave us alone in April or May (we'd get to choose which.)

With warm weather firmly in place, Sam is in his element - treeing squirrels, hurling curse-word barking at the cat next door, and trying to herd me off onto as many walks as possible.

I've blogged before that I loathe I-465... would happily set Sam onto the designers of the on and off ramps (tiny! too close together!) but must report that when I try to negotiate it at 10:45 PM on a Sunday, it's almost manageable!

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Kurt M. Weber said...

When I was a student at Purdue, I had to drive to Lexington, KY twice a month to rehearse with a musical ensemble (Southwind Drum & Bugle Corps) I was a member of.

To keep things interesting, I had three routes I rotated through:
I-65 from Lafayette straight through Indianapolis to Louisville, and from there on I-64 to Lexington

I-65 from Lafayette to I-465 on the west and south side of Indianapolis, then back onto I-65 to Louisville, I-64 to Lexington

I-65 from Lafayette all the way through to I-465 on the south side, then cut over to I-74 through Cincinnati to Lexington

It turned out that going through Cincinnati was consistently the fastest route.