Tuesday, February 13, 2007

yet another post about Indiana weather

The snow started sometime last night and kept right on going. I credit the road crews; at about 6 AM my street was plowed, presumably salted, and if I had suffered from a serious need (hospital, prescription refill, etc.) I probably could have made it to the main road and thus to the Walgreens. It would have been a slow trip, and I'd have prayed the entire way that I didn't see any other cars, but possible.

Then the freezing rain started in, the wind started blowing - the streets are covered again, and a step outside means thousands of needles slapping into your bare skin. Sam (who at least has fur) dashed outside and back inside in somehing less then twenty seconds.

Much of Indianapolis seems to have wisely chosen (or been ordered) to stay at home ans off the streets. At least we knew this was coming and could plan accordingly. Alas, this is terrifc weather to stay inside and grade papers, something I can do just as well either here or at the office.


The_Kid_ said...

Plus at home you can have a glass or wine or a beer while you grade! (If you do that sort of thing).

Thanks for your comment on the Pacers post.

John B. said...

Word on the street has it that beer sales are skyrocketing in Indy.

Drewster said...

A lot of those warnings sound like Houston when a good thunder storm goes through in the AM. If only these lunkheads knew what real bad weather was like!

Be safe!