Wednesday, February 07, 2007

the coffee pots

I'm still trying to work out the coffee pot ettiquette. The very benevolent woman who runs the department (i.e. the administrative assistant) is very assiduous about firing up the pots the moment she arrives in the building, sometimes even befroe she takes off her coat. She knows that some of us will need it... the question is, at what point do I make another pot? I assume that most of the coffee drinking takes place before noon, even on the coldest and snowiest of days. I also know that my need for a hit at 6 AM is other people's 2 PM addiction.

This is also an issue, as I've noticed that many folks take the last cup from the pot, but do not make another. Is this a rule? Is the administrator the only one allowed to make the coffee? Do we have a specific monthly (weekly?) ration and she doles it out?

If it is rationed, I say we take the extra out of the salary of the man with the office next to mine. He keeps spilling.


Anonymous said...

I opt out of the whole coffee etiquette dilemma by keeping my own coffee maker, grinder and beans in my cube.

(I am a real team player.)


John B. said...

Sounds like our office...someone takes the last cup and doesn't make more. Everyone here knows how to make the coffee (10 person + office) so nobody has an excuse, especially before 10 or 11 in the morning.

I find strinking parallels between this behavior and people's general selfish or unselfish behavior.

Drewster said...

I prefer to keep the little bean roasters in Seattle rich. Budgetary concerns limit my intake and no pots to clean!