Tuesday, February 20, 2007

two firsts

Everything is starting to melt, which of course means that the streets are safe, but the sidewalks are a mess of black ice. This is the time of year when I wonder why I like Indiana so much.

It was an exciting weekend, and I experienced two unexpected firsts: a pedicure (my feet feel so clean!) and I finallyheard "Thriller." Yes, somehow I managed to be alive during the 1980s and miss this song. Oh, I knew "Billie Jean" and various other hits off that album, but I'd missed the title track.

My reaction to "Thriller" bears a striking resemblence to my reaction the first time I heard "Hit Me Baby One More Time" - this is it?

Speaking of which, Ms Spears is selling her hair on eBay, or so I am told by persons hipper than I. I do hope someone is around to catch her when she finally crashes.


Joe said...

It's not about the song, it's all about the video. You must see the whole 13-minute John Landis directed video.

Ideally, you should try being 13 years old and staying up extra late to watch it on Friday Night Videos.

(That's a lot of 13s! Spoooooooky!)

(On video, it's called "Making Michael Jackson's Thriller", and includes a weak documentary. On the Intertubes, it's called "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.")

Rob said...

I opened up the comment area of this post and was pleased that Joe's comment was identical to the one I had intended to write. You've gotta see the video. It was pretty "high tech" for the early 80s.

Anonymous said...

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torporindy said...

It was never about the song.

The video was great and the jacket too. I am ashamed to say I had one.