Monday, January 22, 2007

a potentially heretical statement

Ok, OK, yes, I'm happy for the Colts. Yes, the comeback was quite impressive. Believe it or not, I even watched part of the game and understood it. (No, it wasn't the commercials, thank-you very much.) Peyton Manning seems like a great guy and, to my delight, even speaks in complete sentences when interviewed.

Why (and I am serious in this question) is it that none of the commentators I've heard/ read/ seen have commented upon the Colts coach? I assume he is at least partially responsible for this season's achievements, but I couldn't give his you his name if my life depended upon it. Apart from his race, I know nothing about the coach, no one ever seems to mention him - ???


torporindy said...

I think you've just missed it. Dungy gets a lot of credit as a good coach and an even better guy.

The problem was that he was hyped as a defensive genius years ago and the colts' defense hasn't been good for years. Anyway, he does get some press, but I guess he is overshadowed by Peyton

harriet said...

I know little about football, but I suspect we'll be hearing a lot more about him as apparently his best friend is the coach of the Bears (or something like that). The news is likely to play that up as we head into the Superbowl.

Doug said...

I'm with Torpor. I think Tony Dungy gets a lot of credit. He's a pretty low-key guy, so he might not get the attention a hand full of coaches may get, but I don't think the media is giving him the cold sh oulder.

sumo said...

If you haven't already seen it, Kravitz wrote a nice piece in the Star about Dungy.