Wednesday, January 31, 2007

football redux

lemming: I mean, I'm pretty clueless and all, but I think the Colts stand a good chance of not totally blowing the Super Bowl.

fellow academic: Right. I mean, it's not as though the Pariots have won the Super Bowl lately.

Yours in having done her Super Bowl pop culture research,


John B. said...

We truly have entered the Dark Ages in the halls of college academia :)

Anonymous said...


There's an article on Slate today about nice guy coaches and CEOs, which also refers back to a profile of Tony Dungy from Sunday's NY Times:


Bartleby said...

lemming! I do believe you're catching the football bug! And as an Indy person, you have an excellent excuse.

You should see (and talk to) my daughter. She's in her third year down there at UIndy -- "the Harvard of Hanna Avenue" -- and a few years ago when she was a freshman, Hunter Smith ("Hunter the Punter") showed up to address some student gathering or other. Well, she said, he's hot. And by the time last season started, she was well on her way to that frightening disease: Blue Horseshoe Rabidity. (I truly fear for her emotional stability, should Dungy & Company come a cropper in this weekend's contest.)

It has been remarkable, though, to be her father over these past couple of years. She used to ask me very naive questions about football rules and strategy. Now ... well, she still has occasional questions, but I don't look forward to her asking them of me, simply because I seldom know the answers. Not the old class of questions, at all.

Anyway, enjoy the insanity! It'll be over all too soon, and there'll still be snow on the ground, and we'll still be freezing our fundaments off ...