Friday, September 01, 2006

Act II

You know, I think this semester is going to be a really good one. My morning class still seemed a bit annoyed this week (hey, they're college students and therefore much cooler than I) but I've managed to slowly lure them into being intereted in the matreial and the class.

(heh heh)

I do mourn the lost PhD. I'm highly annoyed by what happened. At the same time, I do notice how many people spent the extra $20, 000 plus blood, sweat and soul selling only to be 60 and still working one year gigs. Right now (and I don't know for how long) I get to teach, teach and teach (fun) and skip the meetings, conferences and politics. If my nose is clean and my powder dry, I'm OK for the time being.

In fact, I'm better than okay. My students are amazed by me (good) and I am happy. For right now, that's plenty.


Drewster said...

So there is no more hope for the PhD.? Que lastima! But I do like your silver lining.

Jason266 said...

Screw it all! It sounds like you are in a happy place right now, and that, above everything else, is what matters.