Monday, August 28, 2006

last minute chaos

When more than one person is teaching a section of a survey class, it's a good idea to touch base ahead of time. I got in touch with my partner-in-crime this summer and we agreed on a textbook and careful use of occasional primary documents. I planned out the class and various assignments based upon this conversation.

Throught sheer potluck, I just learned that my PIC is also using another textbook, one I've never seen before and about which I know nothing. I have very little time in which to retool my syllabus, not to mention at least scan the book.

Still in all, this is far more fun than struggling with yet another diss rewrite!!


Hugh said...

Why do you have to change for him/er?

harriet said...

What hugh said. Is there some reason you can't use a different book? I teach one section of a class taught at various times by many others (there's only one other in the same quarter this time around, though). It was made clear to me that I can use whatever book I want, although most use the same textbook because most think it's the best. I decided to use it because it's certainly no worse than any of the others out there and also because it gives students the option of finding copies of a very expensive book secondhand. If I had just found out the person teaching the other section was using a different book, I can guarantee you that I would not be thinking of changing it.

Rob said...

I concur with the above comments. Even if your syllabi WERE identical, the classes would still be different since you & PIC are different people teaching different groups of students. No worries! Add your personal touch to your own syllabus, and you'll all move along well.

lemming said...

Oh, I can teach in any order or way I want - the chair suggested (I hope as a joke!) the use of interpretive dance. It's just expected that I will use the same books.

Said peer was most embarassed when I told him/her about it and appologized profusely. All will be well.