Monday, July 17, 2006

progress, but sideways

Met with #2 (upon whom may light shine) and have been pondering what was said and (more importantly) left unsaid.

#2 thinks I am smart, savvy, talented, etc. etc. etc. #2 is uncertain that I can insert enough academic gobbeldygook (my term) into a revised diss and has other reservations. #2 wants to see me with a PhD but is dubious about actuality. I've taught long enough to understand the translation.

Obviously this is a blow. I have one last shot, but it's clear that while #2 likes me and thinks highly of me, departmental and field politics are of more importance than an individual grad student. My failed diss will hurt #2 but at the end of the day closing ranks to protect #1, #3 and #4 (despite their failings, which were recognized) is more important than me graduating.

Really, I am OK.

To **** with politics and "that would make things complicated."

Obviosuly I'm angry and annoyed and all of that -- but there are perks. I'll say more later. Just keeping all of you posted, as per the terms of this blog.


Bartleby said...

We appreciate that (keeping us posted).

What is the one last shot? Is it a revision of the dissertation, or what?

You will be recognized as Dr. lemming ... you will, you will, you will!

Rob said...

I don't get it. Protecting the department politic is not a good enough reason to block your work from passing. I'm interested in learning more about said "perks."

Thanks for keeping us posted, though. Been wondering how things are going for you lately.

tommyspoon said...

So what's next?


We're all behind you.

torporific said...


I am pulling for ya!

Joe said...

Wow. wow. What a bunch of crumbs.

I hope to hear more about the perks.


(For what it's worth, you've just put some perspective onto my day, and for which I thank you.)

harriet said...

I'm speechless. I'm glad there are perks but, seriously, why do we put ourselves through this?

Anonymous said...

I remain astonished and angry on your behalf, and keep wishing that the right people would show some integrity and courage (mainly #2, if #2 thinks so highly of you...)

Your in my thoughts, Lemming.