Friday, July 07, 2006

for this I am paid

Dear Prof Lemming

That should be a lower-case l, but no matter.

I'm sorry that I've not yet come to class no problem, it's only been a matter of weeks that class has met and I've never heard of or from you... but I've been busy, etc. etc.

I have every sympathy with students who have lives outside of class. There's a reason why I don't attach a grade to attendence.

At the same time, the mid-term is next week and you still haven't come to class? Not even long enough to get the syllabus and then walk out?



Bartleby said...

So you're really a little-L lemming?

I've offended in the past, then. Sorry about that. I'll clean up my act as time marches forward.

For proper linkage purposes, is this blog called:
- Lemming's Progress; or
- lemming's Progress; or
- lemming's progress; or
- (some other way)?

I suppose the usual use of title case would say that the first is correct, even though the L in lemming is lower-case.

lemming said...

Lemming's Progress is the name of a blog and therefore is to be captalized.

As lemming is not my real name, I don't capitalize it when mentioning myself.

Desn't really matter all that much! :-)

Hugh said...

If a one-l lama is an Eastern potentate, and a two-l llama is is an animal, what's a three-l lllama?

A big fire in Boston!

Ha Ha!