Monday, July 24, 2006


Dave Barry (the humorist) has a Bacon number of two.

Someone with whom I was once in a play is now in the Bacon database, so I suppose that means that in theory I have one, too.


Alison said...

I'm not in there, but I was actually able to figure out my own Bacon number.

I was in "It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman" with Sean Grennan.
Sean Grennan was in Rudy (1993) with Gerry Becker
Gerry Becker was in Trapped (2002) with Kevin Bacon

I was also able to come up with connections through my dad and Bebe Neuwirth (4) and through Greg Depaul (3).

tommyspoon said...

Like Alison, I have a Bacon Number of 3 through my association with Messr. DePaul. Grad school is a funny funny thing...

harriet said...

I have a Bacon Number of 3. Interestingly, though, I have the same number via two different uncles on two sides of the family. My mom's sister's husband is a cousin of Lori Singer who was in Footloose (1984) with Kevin Bacon. And my dad's youngest brother is actually in the database because he's in a movie with three different actors who were in other movies with people who acted in films with Kevin Bacon. For two of those three actors, the connection with Kevin Bacon was also via Footloose. Which I guess means my two uncles, who, as far as I know, have never met, are 4 degrees away from each other via the movies (it is, of course closer through blood ties -- blood being thicker than celluloid). I have not, however, ever acted in anything with either uncle, although I've played music with both of them. Does that count?

Hugh said...

Let's see, through high school drama productions:

I was in "A Chorus Line" with four people in the database:

(1) was in "Meet the Applegates" with Mindy Bell. Mindy Bell was in "Novocaine" with Kevin Bacon.
(2) was in "Rookie of the Year" with Tom Milanovich. Tom Milanovich was in "Novocaine" with Kevin Bacon.
(3) was in "Southie" with Robert Wahlberg. Robert Wahlberg was in "Mystic River" with Kevin Bacon.
(4) was in "Looking for Lola" with Loyda Ramos. Loyda Ramos was in "Speed" with Beau Starr. Beau Starr was in "Where the Truth Lies" with Kevin Bacon.

Yes, but none of them were with me in the starring role of my career: Dental Dan in the Central School second grade production of "Trouble in Dental City". I assume that the teachers were aware of the double entendre in my character's name.

Drewster said...

I have a Bacon Number of at least 4.

1) Drewster was in the play Comic Potential with Shannon Emerick.

2) Shannon Emerick was in 100 Stories (2002) with Kenneth Harrington.

3) Kenneth Harrington was in Def-Con 4 (1985) with Maury Chaykin.

4) Maury Chaykin was in Where the Truth Lies (2005) with Kevin Bacon

Drewster said...

I take that back. I didn't try hard enoug. I have a 3!

1) Drewster was in D.N. Angel(2003) with Jason Douglas (IV)

2) Jason Douglas (IV) was in Secondhand Lions (2003) with Kyra Sedgwick.

3)Kyra Sedgwick was in Loverboy (2005) with Kevin Bacon