Friday, July 15, 2005

vow of constant vigilance

Twenty-four hours from now I will be reading Harry Potter. The predictable slip-ups have happened with copies sold early (according to Editor B this includes the Xavier bookstore) but I'm content to wait.

How cool is it that millions of people are excited about reading a book?

Then again, what frightens me sometimes is that dozens of people are excited to read my "book" and I'm still not sure that they'll like what they read. Even the bishop asked to read one of my chapters when I described the project.

I had a really productive day on Monday, but the rest of the week has just slipped away. Oh, I've done stuff, but have not cracked a diss book since Monday and have not a clue where I last left Green Book. I found Brown Book this morning only because it was underneath my coffee cup. I hate it when this happens.

It's not going to happen again. To push the Harry Potter image a bit further than maybe most of you would like, in Goblet of Fire Harry muses to Hermione that the best way to get him to learn a complicated spell is to threaten him with a dragon. My Hungarian Horntail is scratching at the door.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: fourteen


torporific said...

I've heard over and over that people are reading less, but I just can't believe it. In the past decade,, barnes and noble and borders have seen tremendous growth. There have been huge bestsellers like Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code, "chick lit" books to name a few. Perhaps more people buying books, but just not actually reading them.

John B. said...

Funny thing is, nobody in our family of five has caught 'Potter fever'...I don't think that any of us have read a single copy.

Some of my nephews are into the series big time, and they talk about it often, it just never caught on in our house.

Have fun reading will be easy/relaxing reading for you, for a change.

Rob said...

Would you be interested in some virtual encouragement this week, to help keep that vow? I need to get focused and could use someone checking up on my progress once in a while...figure we could do this for each other. Whaddya think?