Tuesday, July 12, 2005

lemming did a bad, bad thing

I've blogged about the precocious neighborhood child. The PNC reads good books, is very savvy and gives ear scratches that Sam adores. Given that PNC has read or has had read to her all five of the extant Harry Potter books, I assumed that most children PNC's age shared this experience. After all, the sixth is coming out in four short days.

Another neighborhood child is usually out front when I walk by with Sam. Said child and I had a lengthy discussion about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban last fall and the child mentioned getting a copy of the book for a recent birthday. Foolishly, I assumed that by now books four and five had also been read or heard.

"Hey, Mizz lemming! I think name of person who dies in book four or five is the Half-Blood Prince, what do you think?"

I didn't think. I told the child that the possible candidate died - and in a sickening moment, looking at the child's face, felt as though I'd just told a two year old about Santa.


torporific said...


I still haven't read one of those books in spite of all of the glowing reviews.


Anonymous said...

Santa's dead too?



Drewster said...

Oh dear! Well, that is an easy leap to make.

Children aside, who are working at different rates and control of influences, there should be a limit as to when "secrets" in the entertainment media can be kept. Too many adults have I run into that say, "Oh don't tell me, I haven't read/seen that!" Well, if it is over a year, what have you been doing!

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