Wednesday, July 20, 2005

time and memory

In July of 2000, I attended a particularly beautiful and all around fun wedding. The best man's toast included the query, "Hands up all of you who remember what you were doing on Valentine's Day three years ago," Boring person that I am, I raised my hand, not noticing until it was too late that I was the only one. Thsi is what too many years of delving into history does to you.

Anyway, this meme on CatholicPacker plays to this part of my memory. I ducked his last toss my way, so I'll pick up part of this one.

What I was doing 10 years ago:
Working in the corporate world and reading history books at every possible spare moment. Though training new hires and temps wasn't part of my official job description, it was a part of my job because the bosses had noticed I was good at it. Hmmm. Should have known then that I was doomed... I also had a lot (measured in feet) more hair than I do today.

Five years ago:
Attending a very beautiful and all around fun wedding. I'd passed my qualifying exams and daydreamed that I would have a tenure track job by 2003. My hair was shorter, kind of a flapper style do.

One year ago:
Pondering the pros and cons of starting a blog about my struggles to write a dissertation and how much I love teaching. My hair was even shorter.

Spent a lot of time on the phone. Sam and I saw eight rabbits on our morning walk. My hair is now the shortest it's ever been, with the possible exception of infancy.


torporific said...

You never answered what you were doing on Valentine's Day 1997. I am pretty certain that I spent the day trying to find last minute dinner reservations. I have no idea where though.

John B. said...

At least you aren't losing your hair, you are cutting it on purpose.

Doug said...

I remember that Feb. 16, 1996 I was at a party with the woman I would end up marrying. I assume that a year later, I was doing something Valentiney with her, but I can't remember.

As for best man toasts though, I recall giving a best man toast that managed to incorporate a Jonestown reference (followed by about 1.5 seconds of silence, nervous laughter as if folks were wondering if it was o.k. to laugh, and then some whole hearted laughter.)

Just thought I'd share.

Anonymous said...


10 years ago I'd just graduated from the University of Wales

5 years ago I was starting to toy with the idea of leaving the agriculture industry (I did so 3 months later)

1 year ago I'd just started a new job.

Now - the same as a year ago! lol


Hugh said...

Speaking of memory -- where'd'ya go? Y'OK?

Toad734 said...

Does Sam try to eat rabbits? My dogs go crazy for rabbits and squirrels, they aren't even hunting dogs.