Sunday, June 12, 2005

those who can...

TeacherRefPoet (who is much better at using teaching pedagogy terms than I will ever be) describes a teaching method in practice.

Just had an e-mail from a student, noting the F for plagiarism and asking what can be done about it.

"Think of this as a learning experience," quoth I.

"But what can I do to change it?"

I haven't yet figured out a reply, but now at least I know the name of the technique I'm trying to apply. Luckily e-mail gives me the luxury of time.

Words Written: four hundred and ninety-eight
Lessons Graded: seven


torporific said...

I really don't think that young students (I am pretty certain you teach college level) appreciate the seriousness of plagiarism. I know that I did not until it had been beaten in my head by college professors around my junior year. I remember one professor who would write "danger, danger, plagiarism alert" if there were more than three words in a row without atribution.

TeacherRefPoet said...

"But what can I do to change it?"

Ummm...invent time travel, then go back and stop yourself from cheating. Until then, leave me the hell alone.