Saturday, June 04, 2005

it all comes back to food

1) Sam is not impressed by "active maturity" flavor dog food.

2) Last night at supper (a very nice restaurant) I had a thoroughly unimpressive soup with about 15, 000 ingredients and some portebello mushrooms with a three ingredient dip that were outsnading. Less is sometimes more.

3) The process of rereading (and taking notes on)Brown Book became far more pleasant when I added M N Ms. Note to self...

Words Written: lots of cutting, pasting and adding of links
Lessons Graded: zero (heh heh)

1 comment:

torporific said...

You say "supper" and I say "dinner". It doesn't quite have the cachet of a certain Beatles lyric, does it? I am always interested in regional words. My family calls it "supper", but for some reason I've changed usage. I didn't even notice it until I said something about "dinner" once and my cousin thought I meant lunch. I am sure there is study on this just like there is for "pop", "coke" and "soda".