Friday, November 19, 2004

things that are cold

One of the advantages to living in central Indiana is that we get winters, but they're generally pretty mild. Snow and ice hit, usually right around Christmas, but then things warm up (usually) and it all melts. Living here also means that winter comes later and spring comes earlier. It's now cold enough for sweaters, and I'll wear gloves when I walk Sam in the mornings, but I haven't yet needed a winter jacket.

On the one hand, this is terrific. On the other hand, I'm trying to put myself into the minds of people who by now were snowed in and all but frozen, gathered around the fireplace, and that's tricky to do with my window open.

My hands are acting up again - does anyone else have this problem? My right hand is bitterly cold (probably poor circulation) and my left hand is fine.

Words Written: one more big sheet
Lessons Graded: four


Greg said...

You should go see a doctor about that hand. My mother has the same symtpoms. Her right hand gets really cold and at night it aches sometimes. She found out she has carpal tunnel syndrome (a job hazard being a secretary) and has to wear a brace when she sleeps. She was told she could have surgery, but the risk of damaging nerves is too great.

Anonymous said...


I get this symptom a lot when I'm working in an ergonomically bad environment for too long. I've noticed in particular that using my laptop trackpad for more than a few hours a day will cause similar pain to what you describe.

Consider mixing up your work environment, starting with wrist rests but also considering height, angles, how far you reach for things, back and neck posture. Pain can show up in one place (like your hand) when it's actually being caused by how you're holding another part of the body (like shoulder or elbow).


TeacherRefPoet said...

Ditto the doctor. I wore braces at night for a addition to repetitive-stress, it turned out I was sleeping in a stressful position for my wrists.