Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Good news and Bad news

Well, the hand news is good and bad. It is good that I do not have carpal tunnel. It is bad trhat I have some sort of nerve damage, possibly requiring the services of a specialist and definitely requiring that I spend less time at the keyboard. (My beloved Doc realizes that these are both complications for me.) I hope to rest the hand over the holidays, though this means that I will be unable to defend my title as "Adult with the Lowest Score" in the annual bowling tourny.

More good/bad news: a student contacted me with a policy question. I replied, "gee, um, I don't know, but I think it's covered in the student handbook." The good news is that said question is answered very explicitly. Student mentioned this when he contacted the appropriate administrator. Bad news: the administrator is furious that I would give a student advice on a non-academic topic and complained to my chair that my actions were "out of line." I am utterly serious when I say that this will probably come up when I ask for teaching recs.

In all of this talk about the NBA, why isn't anyone talking about the two South Carolina football teams (Clemson and, er, another one) that also had a big riot this weekend? (Source: beloved Doc.)

My advisor (may his good health and spirits continue) sez my chapter is "much improved" and "good."

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: zero - but am about to stay up VERY late...


Greg said...

Well, Adult with the lowest score isn't an achievement I'd be bragging about. The first year I bowled on a league, my average was 83. I won the lowest score prize of $5. My average has improved since then (though I quit for three years) to 92.

I think the reason people are ignoring the Clemson-SC brawl is that it was on the field, between players. I tihnk the schools reacted appropriately, though, taking themselves out of bowl contention.

Greg said...

I should clarify that. That was the first and only year I bowled until this year.

lemming said...

Well, I don't know that I would call it "bragging" per say... but at least I am consistant, and my score makes the 8 year olds feel better.

John B. said...

They need to put up the kid's bumpers when I bowl. I absolutely suck at bowling, and I am somewhat athletically inclined...I can hit a baseball with a bat, but not ten pins with a 15# bowling ball; go figure. My bowling scores are routinely lower than my golf scores, so don't feel bad about your bowling prowess (or lack thereof). Maybe you, Greg and I should have a Hoosier bowling tournament, first one to 100 wins!

As to your advisory issue, every time I read about something like your posted experience, I am happier and happier that I didn't get into academic life for a career. Too much politics, too little concern for the students and teachers by administrators.

Hang in there, learn to type with your toes (watch for the achilles injuries).

John B. said...

Oh, and football brawls are no fun...everyone is wearing helmets and padding, nobody ever gets hurt, unless someone is stupid enough to take their helmet off.

Anonymous said...

But surely you haven't advised - just directed to advice? I hope nothing bad comes of it.