Friday, January 18, 2013

contents with commentary

A conversation on the tome of visages got around to the contents of purses. I have a feeling that I started it unintentionally, which is pretty much how most of my ideas that endure seem to occur.

I do own a purse, and many of its contents are similar to the ones in my knitting bag. However, I can and have gone weeks and even months without using a purse, whereas I use my knitting bag almost every day.

Here follows a list of the contents of my bag as of 3:45 PM, with bonus snarky commentary:

almost completed afghan on needles
wrist brace
napkins (lots)
scotch tape
various coupons, some not yet expired!
scissors, extra sharp
toothbrush in case - where's the toothpaste? argh!
two harmonicas - yes, really
Barnes & Noble giftcard
two hairties, one pink, one black
three hairclips, varying sizes, all black
book of dolphin stickers
three chapsticks
one lipstick
plastic bag containing: six black pens, three purple pens, five pencils, pencil sharpener
plastic bag containing: quarters, nickels and pennies adding up to about $5.00. Why no dimes? I have no idea.
plastic bag containing: kleenex - yes, unused!
plastic bag containing: four packages of fake sweetner, two wrappers from fake sweetner
two empty plastic bags
nail clippers
two containers of hand lotion, one empty
plastic box containing four band aids
Virgin Atlantic boarding pass
book of 3'5 index cards, spiral bound
small stuffed reindeer wearing a scarf I did not knit
extra yarn for the afghan in process
four individually wrapped life savers (smells like spearmint) yummy yum yum ^_^
three individually wrapped peppermints
two packages of two cracker saltines, slightly crushed
50P piece
Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
cell phone

Several people have commented on having or not having a physical address book. The 3'5 cards do have addresses and phone numbers, but they also have, you know, memorable quotations, grocery lists, to do lists, titles of books I want to read...


Jeanne said...

If you must know the story of Game of Thrones, watch it on TV! The show is better than the book (it's written by David Benioff, who is a better writer than George R.R. Martin)

kittiesx3 said...

The books reeked. I read all that were published this time last year and I'm done with that entire series.

I don't keep an address book in my bag -- my phone is my address book on the go. I have one at home with things like account numbers in it. But mostly it's the phone that carries the address book burden.

FreshHell said...

Eeee! So excited about item number one! Also: I'm glad you are my Chapstick sister. I knew there was a reason I liked you so much. :)

Magpie said...

that sounds like it must be the size of a suitcase, especially what with most of an afghan!!