Monday, August 29, 2011

a song you listen to when angry

I skipped "Song From Favorite Album" as I just couldn't pick a single album, and by the time I'd waxed on about all of the ones I love, I'd still be hard pressed to select just one song.

There's a lot of Sondheim that's great for being angry - "Could I Leave You" from Follies possibly being the best, even if I'm not angry at or with a person. I think this song is most effective when sung by a man, though it's written for a woman, so if I hear it in my head, I hear a second tenor gnashing through the rhymes, insults and nastiness.

"Good Luck" by Basement Jaxx is on the soundtrack to Queer Eye For The Straight Guy (oh, how I mourned when that show jumped the shark, so thoroughly, all in one episode...)

Good Luck

It is impossible to listen to this song at a low volume. It is meant to be played loudly. You don't just hear or feel the rage (or both) - it screams at you on all levels.


Jason said...

I'm curious to know which episode was the shark jumping episode...

Doug said...

Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine.

lemming said...

QEFTSG jumped the shark, IMHO, in the episode where they spent $50, 000 to plan an elaborate wedding for a guy who was about to head off to combat. Budget too large, product placement truly painful, and it turned out that the guy was a real schmuck.

In truth, I think that the show had run its course by then, and I'm glad that the lads seem to have known enough to bow out, enjoy their burst of fame and move on.

kittiesx3 said...

I have two nominations for this category:

First one is by Marilyn Mason and is called I Put A Spell On You. This is the guy who has possibly turned or is turning into a homicidal stalker.

Second one is an old Alan Parsons Project song called You Lie Down With Dogs. I listened to this one when my first husband left me 10 months into our marriage when I was five months pregnant. Fun times!