Saturday, July 02, 2011

Day Twelve of Song meme

A song from a band you hate


The problem with this question is that if I dislike a band, I'm probably not going to know any of their songs well enough to remember a name of any individual one. To paraphrase Dave Barry, I've caused great pain to my car radio hitting buttons to remove "Maybe I'm Amazed" from my listening space, but I don't hate Paul McCartney.

Years ago, a very musical friend confessed that he hated everything Judy Garland had ever recorded. (I know she's not a band, but bear with me.) After a bit of chat, I went home and made him a copy of Garland singing "Purple People Eater." Friend now says that he hates almost everything Garland ever recorded.

This friend comes to mind because he's one of several people who have tried to make me enjoy the band Rush. Now, I've never heard them do "Purple People Eater" so I am willing to change my mind, but none of their music does anything for me... hence my not being able to name any of their songs.


FreshHell said...

And I like that Paul McCartney song. In fact, I like almost ALL his songs. But Judy Garland? I stop at The Wizard of Oz. I have nothing against her but I do have something against musicals. I think we're polar opposites in that repect. :)

Jeanne said...

...and you and I are twins separated at birth in that respect!

The moment I fell head-over-heels in respectful, non-lesbian, professorial love with you was the moment I began reading your musical version of The Alchemist.