Thursday, February 10, 2011

cars and Water

1) Cars - my car, aka "Phil" is a very reliable Honda. When the "maintenance required" light came on (which it never does) I patted Phil's dashboard and made an appointment to bring him in today. It's been six hours and there's no word from the mechanics. I am beginning to worry...

2) Water For those of you in the book club, or simply playing along at home, here's an opening:

I have a weakness for quirky libraries. (I cannot believe that I'm the only one!) Years ago I used to frequent a small branch of a much larger library system which, though a bit dark and cramped, always had amazing displays of the "you didn't know about this book but you need to read it" variety. (This is how I discovered John Bellairs, but that's another topic for another book club.)

Currently, my local library is quirky mostly in that the staff knows they are balancing several different reading audiences. Vampires hold little appeal for me, and I'm not much for the latest tome by a politician or political commentator. At the same time, the staff are pretty good about putting up interesting memoirs and novels.

This is how I came upon The Seduction of Water. In all seriousness, I picked it up because I liked the cover. I scanned the first page, sat down to read the second, and after fifty pages, read in the library, realized that I should probably take it home.

More on the actual book later. :-)


Jim Wetzel said...

I hope all's well (i.e., cheap) with your car. And I'm looking forward to reading about the book.

itsmecissy said...

I pretty much choose a book the same way except . . . . I also read the ending. I know, I know, you don't have to say it!

Jeanne said...

I mean to write up an entire post about this novel, but don't know that I will include the way the first 50 pages made me feel. It was kind of like when I read one of those neo-romance novels in which the heroine is good at cooking so she opens a restaurant or a bakery and everyone loves it and the people who work there become her extended family and she loses fifty pounds from eating her own cupcakes.
Reading about this woman who is so successful as an adjunct professor that her students become like her family and one even wants to sleep with her reduced me to tears. Because it was a crappy job, but I don't even have that anymore, and when I did it wasn't like that.

My reaction has little to do with the book. It was an interesting mystery.

kittiesx3 said...

Jeanne, I had some similar reactions to sections of this book--my thoughts/reactions had little to do with the book, and more to do with the topics I'm currently obsessed with.