Monday, July 20, 2009

a guest post

The mistress is busy, something about grocery shopping because she is out of diet coke. No matter. I, Sam, shall blog in her stead.

The new headquarters is a good place. I do not have to climb stairs, and it is much easier to keep constant watch over the mistress's actions. A young and flighty young thing lives on one side of us; she lacks dignity, but is pleasant enough. On the other side we have another dignified dog, a female of mature years, one who understands the need to maintain constant watchfulness. However, I suspect that she enjoys that mysterious activity known as swimming, so I shall have to carefully monitor our conversations for clues.

The mistress has opened many boxes, but has been kind enough to leave my sofa uncovered. It is unusual for her not to bring me along when she leaves in the morning; I am glad that she has at last come to understand the importance of keeping me along at all times.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have Proust to read.


itsmecissy said...

Careful with Proust Sam, he was known to eat your kind - along with cats, horses and rats.

Glad you are adjusting to your new headquarters.

John B. said...

Am disappointed that your dog Sam is so snobbish that he reads Proust. I suggest sports Illustrated of Sports Afield, he can learn to hunt.

Tracie Thompson said...

Ah, but Sam! It's SUMMER! Why not try out Carl Hiaasen's delightful Sick Puppy instead of stuffy old Proust?