Friday, July 10, 2009

dancing on the sofa

Yes, Sam, I know.
It's all right, Sam.
Mistress! Mistress!

Sam's sofa is in a U-Haul somewhere between here and the new lemming headquarters. He keeps checking the spot where it (the sofa) should be and isn't, just in case it (the sofa) has reappeared. Then he attempts to call my attention to this loss. Hell hath no fury like a border collie thwarted in his stare.

Sam and it (he sofa) will be together again in a few days. Meanwhile, I have more boxes to fill. John Adams (or was it John Quincy Adams?) once observed that he had all his life had a passion for books, one whose folly he only felt when moving...


tommyspoon said...

Hope the move goes well! Guess the next time I come to Kenyon I'll get to see all of you!

marthaberry said...

are you moved, then? is the cat out of your life?

I have been hearing back from some job applications. I am estatic.

Do you need copies of the lemony snicket books? I have the set.

two more days till Harry Potter. Tomorrow night is a party in the mall where the movie will be playing. Mary has bought us tickets for Saturday afternoon in the vip section. It will be strange to have a cocktail whilst watching the movie.

Rob said...

Chester is displeased that you're moving. As am I. Though of course I wish you the best of luck!

Jeanne said...

I am highly pleased that you are moving, although sympathetic about the book and animal moving process.