Monday, April 06, 2009

first post for April

It's snowing outside. Snowing, I tell you. People will be grumbling about global warming as fallacy and conspiracy today; best to stay inside.

Speaking of conspiracies - documentation to prove that Paris was liberated in 1944 by white troops has been released. There's a reason by colonialism's shadow still looms large on teh International Stage.

The Voyeur was attracted by my skirt as it swished by and drew blood on my leg with his claws. After I learned that declawing a cat means removing the feline equivalent of a knuckle, I changed my ideas about it, but the Voyeur is, well, maybe he's a special case.


Matt Brown said...

Wow. I didn't know that about the Paris liberation. Not very surprising considering the times, though.

Hmm... I think I'd be giving the Voyeur some nice swift kicks if I were you.

Jeanne said...

A cat like the voyeur is a test of character. If you kick a cat, you fail.

There's a tv trope called "kick the dog" which establishes how bad a villain is.