Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

This is the birthday of Abigail Smith Adams - call her the first feminist or just a really neat lady, it doesn't matter. She's a cultural ancestor - please to raise a coffee mug, water bottle or wine glass in her honor.


Eileen said...

I'll second that!

I was reading that recently published collection of their letters a few months back and one of my colleagues - who grew up in and lives in Quincy - insisted on taking me on a field trip to the Adams' houses this past summer.

John B. said...

A little of topic,

Interesting that we are again getting an incoming president who is immensely popular with the people, replacing a bumbling / unpopular president who is the son of a previous president. And in bad economic times.

Another 'Age of Jackson'???????

SallyB said...

Abigail Adams was certainly a woman way ahead of her time. She would have made a wonderful Congresswoman or Senator or some other high position in Washington, but for the times in which she lived and her gender. I am a true admirer of her and her feistyness in reminding her husband, as they formed our country, not to forget women. Unfortunately, they did just that, and it would take another century and a half before we got the ballot. That it took so long and that it's been less than 100 years since that happened still astonishes me to no end.