Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This is a local plea, but please, if you are local, offer ideas.

I have been given a large check - and I mean a really, really, jaw-dropping size check - to go out to dinner and let a reviewer know what I thought.

Did I mention that it's a really big check?

Anyway, I'm taking suggestions.


marthaberry said...

Why is it difficult to decide? Go to a jaw-droppingly expensive place. Enjoy!

Jim Wetzel said...

Here's my suggestion: take a volunteer dining companion with you. You know, someone who will dress acceptably, hold the door for you, hold your chair, refrain from distracting you with any semi-witty repartee, chew with his mouth closed, and offer his opinion of the fare only when and if asked.

Yes, that would be me. So, what time shall I pick you up?

Jeanne said...

Yeah, I'm with Marthaberry--why is it difficult? In her book about restaurant reviews, Garlic and Sapphires, Ruth Riechl talks about the lengths she sometimes went to in order to get an anonymous review of a restaurant. Sending someone else to do it sounds like the newest tactic for a food critic whose face has become recognizable. Plus you deserve an extravagant dinner.

harriet M. Welsch said...

I agree with all of the above. I've been gone from Indy for too long for my opinions to count for much, but I once had an absolutely fabulous meal at this place. They brought sorbet between courses and chilled the salad forks. 20 years ago, I was very impressed.

Rob said...

R Bistro. You'll probably spend every penny of the jaw-droppingly large check. It will be worth it.

The chocolate place next door makes their desserts.

Anonymous said...

Donate half of it to Gleaners, and spend the rest on dinner at Carnegies in Greenfield.