Friday, July 25, 2008

food, food, food

I grew up with The New Yorker in every bathroom. Like many kids, I started by skipping the articles and just looking at the cartoons. Eventually I discovered the articles and fell in love with Anthony Lane.

My favorite bit though, hands down, are the restaurant reviews. "Tables For Two" looks at places I will never visit, and not just because i hate New York City, and is always witty. Furthermore, the critics mention food I've never heard of, prepared in ways I cannot imagine - it's such a wonderful flight of fancy. "Vacherin with coconut, mango marmalade and passion fruit emulsion" - I have no idea what this might be, but it does sound interesting, no?

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Jeanne said...

Oh yes, it does sound interesting. I had to look up "vacherin" (turns out it's cheese). I love reading about food. I just finished The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, which was full of good descriptions, although nothing beats reading Peter Mayle or M.F.K. Fisher.