Wednesday, June 18, 2008

dog follow-up

All right, so $80, 000 a year to house the dog, leaving $110, 000 for other expenses.

Let's say $10, 000 for physical needs such as shots, dog food, cable television (Animal Planet, of cousrse!) and various garments. This means someone is being paid $100, 000 a year to take care of a dog. Where do I apply?

Dave Barry wrote a column years ago about coming down with what he called "Martian Death Flu." He described one symptom as being able to feel the individual air molecules bump against you. I don't have the 'flu, but I do have a cold that has given me the same symptom. Still, were I making $100, 000 a year to walk, pet and otherwise tend a dog, I'd get over it.

I miss Dave Barry's weekly pieces. Oh I know, he has a blog, but most of it is links to other Internet sites.

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