Thursday, March 20, 2008

thanks for the cold noses

I was running, running, running - wanted to scream, but couldn't - running, running, running...

I awoke to a cold nose in my hand. Sam does this sometimes. The cold nose is then followed by his patented "border collie stare" one hard wired into his DNA to intimidate the sheep. He may be the same size as your average sheep, but Sam's stare could get a ram to recite Shakespeare.

It's 3 AM, so I assumed that Sam was informing me that he really should go outside right now or we'd both regret it. I stumbled out of bed, prepared to go downstairs in my state of semi-nombulance.

Instead, with the herding stare firmly in place, he blocked the door. Feeling a bit like I had time-warped into an episode of Lassie I said something like, "what is it, boy?" Sam nudged me down ont the floor and then put his head into my lap after licking my hand.

Understand that Sam is not a dog who licks. I maybe get one if I've been away for the weekend. I am convinced that my dog knew I'd been in the midst of a nightmare and wanted to comfort me. He kept his head on my lap until my heart had stopped pounding.

I'd like to thank all who have commented, called, e-mailed and otherwise offered support in the on-going soap opera. Ei, I am in love with the CD. I hate to make a blog into a thoroughly narcissistic statement, but I suppose this is one of the useful functions it can serve in our day to day lives.

In other words, thanks for all of the cold noses.


Joe said...

It's not "thoroughly narcissistic" when it's written this well.

Illegitimis non carborundum, as no Roman ever said.

Eileen said...

Excellent! Good to know that sometimes my gut instinct is not misguided!

And good for Sam, too - I'm fortunate to have a cat who thinks he's a dog and is therefore reliably comforting without requiring walks.

itsmecissy said...

Nothing like a cold, wet nose and a warm heart.