Friday, August 17, 2007

the waiting game

I have come to the conclusion that the nation and the world are simply waiting for G.W. Bush's term to end. Teh latest corruption stories (firearms stolen and sold to others rather than given to Iraqi police - unless the police stole and sold them, who knows) have attracted attention from only the far left-wing. Newsweek ran an article about it but their pieces on college admissons will attract far more attention.

Much as it pains me, I think that most of the world has simply given up - they support the troops and wish them well, but there's a feeling that once GWB is out of office, somehow all of this will get better.

I do not share this view, but I do begin to share the sense that this is a waiting game, that we must simply outlast the president's term before we can do anything about his legacy.

Meanwhile, I can be glad that I have no 401(k) as it probably would have tanked by now.

Yours in cynicism,


LadyFox said...

Well...if you're feeling cynical...count me in too.

torporindy said...

I am on the countdown...

Turbo said... the recent dip in the stock market has you thinking the worst, eh? Just 1987 the "experts" said that the Dow Jones Industrial Average would have a hard time reaching 3000 after the 500 point single day drop that year. The DJIA has fallen roughly 1000 points this month...all the way down to 13000. All it means is that "Stocks are on Sale!" :D

LadyFox said...

Turbo is such a goof! But at least he brings a smile :)

tommyspoon said...

I do hate to burst your cynical bubble, but do take a moment and look at these poll numbers from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Keep your chin up, m'dear!