Tuesday, August 14, 2007

mystery house

Naturally I've had "You Can Leave Your Hat On" stuck in my head since Thursday, coupled with an incredible desire to giggle.

Sam and I follow the same route nearly every day for our walks. Periodically I will notice something about one of the houses or other buildings and (human curiosity, I suppose) I start to come up with possible explanations. One house had an enormous trash binin teh back yard for months - the kind that are the size of a garbage truck. "Ah, remodeling," I thought. Then a port-o-potty appeared and stayed, which to me suggests a lack of running water.

The grass stayed neatly mowed and the bushes trimmed. Maybe I've just seen too many episodes of Flip This House in which the whole project gets completed in two weeks or less, but this wasn't what I expected.

The bin and the outhouse were gone as of yesterday, but there's no For Sale sign - perhaps I need a new theory.


LadyFox said...

La basura gigante? Cuarto de baño portátil? Es un mucho grande fiesta!!!



Drewster said...

If you want to see house flippers that don't do it in record time, then you should check out "Flipping Out" on Bravo, if you get it.

It focuses on a high end flipper, his staff and the houses he is working on. And I am pretty sure he is certifiable...

Love it!