Friday, June 29, 2007

literature, part II

(quote continued)

the scent of the raw, dark earth and for the gleam of the yellow moonlight on the wet, rustling leaves.

Downright pornographic.

This longing may come in adolescence, or many times until the frost of age has withered the senses. It may come amid the showery warmth and the roving fragrance of an April day, or beside the shining, brown, leaf-strewen streams of November.

Men are, I guess, interesting creatures.

(Roving and showering?)

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Turbo... said...

Yes of course Roving and Showering. We must be presentable when we knock on the doors (or tents, or trees) out there in the wilderness. It simply does not do to make a bad second impression!

"I have roamed far and wide and am in desperated need of a shower. May I partake of your shower gentle lady?"