Monday, April 02, 2007

birds! raven and the crow - and the goose and the duck -

One of the aspects to living in the "big city" and its surroundng environs which does not cease to amaze me: the waterfowl. That is to say, there are a lot of them. Flocks. Flocks of flocks.

Last week I was stalked by two Canada Geese as I walked from my office to the car - obviously I was too close to something and had beeter leave right away. That, or produce food.

This morning a pair of mallards was very obviously scoping out my backyard for a nesting location. The male was obviously on guard duty and the female was methodically waddling through the bushes and undergrowth.

"All right, Sam! outside! Look, Sam - ducks!"
Oh! Ducks!

The backyard is now poultry free.


Jason266 said...

Dogs are also good at keeping unicorns out of your backyard. I haven't seen a unicorn in my backyard in ages.

Hey, when referring to the Bible, should Bible also be in italics?

Kurt M. Weber said...

Living out in the boonies, I usually encounter three or four foxes a year (almost always while I'm mowing, for some reason). I'm also visited by scores of ducks, rabbits, coyotes, wild turkeys, raccoons, and, yes, deer.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but wild turkey (live as opposed to bottled) will set your nerves on edge. The hen stands over 4 feet tall; the tom is taller. And they don't want company!