Thursday, February 16, 2006

morning and evening, daytime and night time too!

My advisor (may he live forever) is happy with my latest work. I repeat my advisor (may he and his progeny know nothing but bliss) is pleased with my latest work.

(dance of joy)

(massive sangria inspired dance of joy)

To hell with news, current events, Quayle hunts, politics and Jessica Simpson. I DID GOOD!!

(blows kisses to Mr. Spoon)


Rob said...

[sending large amounts of applause and ovation in your direction]. congrats!

John B. said...

Hey hey....way to go.

Sounds like an excuse to drink in excess.

Bartleby said...

Wonderful! (Can I have a little of that sangria, too?)

Joe said...

Sweet! (We knew it all along...)

Another Rob said...

Congratulations! It sure does feel good to do good, doesn't it?!