Friday, February 17, 2006

anyone and anything at all

There's a plumber fixing my leaky bathtub at the moment. Although this will probably be expensive, the experience is not without its perks.

#1 - He's cute

#2 - he smells good

#3 - he seems to actually enjoy explaining the intricacies of the repair job to me

#4 - when he's done (this is the third hour of his labors, mind you) I will be able to take a bubble bath

Words Written: zero - but that's next
Lessons Graded: twenty-six


John B. said...

Oh good Lord...lemming found herself a boyfriend. The key question....plumber's crack??????

harriet said...

Let's hear it for sexy plumbers! It's the only thing that makes overflowing toilets worthwhile.

Alison said...

Would this be Mr. "I am not George Cloony but I could play him on TV?"

lemming said...

Alas the neighborhood's George Clooney is on vacation at the moment, so I had to take my chances on the various physical merits of the plumber sent. Fortunately the one sent had a great many merits - also a wedding ring and two children.

torporific said...

It's always nice when your plumber smells good.