Wednesday, January 11, 2006

lemming progresses!

It's been a very productive day here at headquarters and one that only looks to get better.

1) Suitably fortified by chocolate, I read #4's e-mail and replied. #4 then replied to me, in unusually positive terms. Whoo-hoo!

2) Now that I know what to look for, I've located more and more of Ed's mistakes. Not only does this make me giggle, but it serves to remind me that I really do know all of this literature pretty well. As graduate students are rarely granted a sense of empowerment, particularly where full-fledged PhDs are concerned, I'm pretty happy.

3) While looking for something else I had a huge Eureka Moment, an instant in which a vague hunch became something that I could now argue with conviction, and I had the evidence to prove it. Ten minutes later I had another.

4) When I knocked over my can of diet coke, it spilled on my machine washable sweatshirt, not the library books or dissertation notes or printed out suggestions from my advisor (may he live forever) or the carpet or the...

Oh, it is so nice to have a good day!!

Words Written: so very many things jotted down
Lessons Graded: zero ha!
Books on Floor: fifty-six, plus assorted papers and binders


Hugh said...

That's wonderful to hear, I hope this at least makes up for some of the depressing moments. . . .

Don said...


I've heard, too, that Ed is a git. I am unsure what git means, but it can't be good.

Rob said...

Lemming, that's FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations. It sounds like you're really almost there.

Bartleby said...

Hooray for the home team! May tomorrow be Another Good Day. And I hope your dreams will be free of Newtie on your committee. (Especially a fair and reasonable Newtie ... that's just bizarre!)

Don: I had to look it up. Turns out it means a stupid or worthless person, with strong overtones of misbegotten offspring.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate chip cookies and rock candy rule at Old Sturbridge Village.