Friday, November 30, 2012

fingers crossed

I truly intended to turn this blog into at least something of a meditation upon the books I read, and I probably will at some point again. In the last few months I've read several that I really wanted to talk about in more detail that just, "hey! this is such a great book and you should all read it!"

Then I got distracted. It's a good distracted. I picked up a class at a local university. Well, I say 'picked up' but it fell into my lap not unlike sixty pounds of furry dog, so here I am, three months later, staring down the end of the semester.

I've taught well, thoroughly, and I'd give myself a solid B+ for the semester. Now, of course, with the semester ending, I'm looking at the students to whom I gave a second chance, and seeing how right I was. I'm getting better at this.

Two months ago I predicted one woman would make-up the missing work and complete the class, but as a solid C student. Yup.

 By the way, anyone who can fall asleep in class when I am talking about what people do with dead bodies is by definition a C student. Sheesh.

The one I thought wouldn't make it, sure enough, isn't going to make it. Naming no names, I will say that I am pleased. The one who isn't going to make it can check Facebook and Twitter at McDonalds, rather than in class and distracting me. 'nuff said.

The one I feared would withdraw passing despite the extension did. (I have daydreamed about hunting her down this time next year to see if her life got any better.)

There's always one student who breaks my heart, no matter how hard I try, and sure enough, I have one this time around. She earned a second chance, but there are only twenty-four hours in a day and she needs at least thirty-six.  If she makes it, with the proverbial 'gentleman's C' it will be by the skin of her teeth. I hate taking the role of parent with other people... but I fear the student advocates.

The student advocates are an official branch of the university, and they can throw bureaucracy unending my way and as a lowly adjunct, I might not get asked back ever again. So I parent. I would note that the advocates make a living wage and have health insurance.

Then again, the faculty member sent to evaluate me still has not sent his evaluation to the chair, so this concern about getting asked back may all be moot! Anyway, it's nice to feel satisfied at the end of a term.

Meanwhile, you should all read White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America.

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