Monday, December 12, 2011

A Song Your Wish You Could Play On an Instrument

I come to the conclusion that as this meme wore on, many people grew tired. I base this assumption on the many titles I have seen for today's question.

Despite effort and hopes, I am a terrible instrumentalist. To quote a report, I "lack subtlety, have no sense of emotion and play piano as though attacking the keys."


Anyway, were I able to play the piano, I would tackle either part (two pianos) to the Overture to the Fantastiks.


FreshHell said...

I played the piano once upon a time. I would dearly love a piano in my life.

Jeanne said...

Now the overture is playing in my head. Very percussive. I do not like piano music, in general, except for the Rachmaninoff piano concerto, which makes me weep tears of joy. I had twelve years of piano lessons under protest and have tried not to touch the instrument since.

Anonymous said...

Ouch indeed.

I too had 20 zillion years of piano lessons. I'm kind of on the fence about whether I want to take it up again or not.

maybe . . .

or maybe the cello.

it all seems like a lot of work, though -- which probably means I'd rather not.