Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Two - Your Least Favorite Song

Again, there are many possible answers.

My first choice would be "Jesus is the Rock and He Rolls My Blues Away," a song I only sang because I was a camp counselor and was being paid to be chipper. This song is even more horrible than the title suggests.

It goes on for five verses. Five.

Harriet chose "And We Danced" by the Hooters for her answer to this question. This startled me. It might be a moral failing on my part, but the same part of me that hates the above mentioned song like a bit of mindless fluff to which one can dance. I liked the Hooters' MTV videos. I wish their music turned up on the radio. The funny sounding mouth organ-type instruments make me grin.

Second choice would be anything by Paul McCartney, with "Silly Love Songs" pretty high in the pantheon. He's trying too hard. He's better than all of us. Mock him if you will (and I will) but he's far above the rest of us. I will go grovel in shame and misery at the sheer thought of this song.


FreshHell said...

Aw, you know, I love that McCartney song. And I'm not afraid to admit that here. :) It's a song that makes me happy.I don't care how hard he's trying. I will never not love that song.

The Jesus song sounds pretty bad, though.

Anonymous said...

Though I happen to really like "Silly Love Songs", I can completely see why those who hate everything McCartney wrote without John Lennon. "Let Em In" for example, is dreck.

Jeanne said...

But you are chipper! Do you suppose it...rubbed off?!