Thursday, December 02, 2010

'tis the season

Well, it's crunch time. The exams start in less than thirty-six hours. So far I've not received any foolish questions (good) and had more than a few ask what I would be teaching next semester (also good) so I am feeling fairly hopeful. Well, OK, there is one student who has earned As on all of her assignments, but since she missed the mid-term and the make-up, it's going to hurt to assign that final grade.

I think fall semester is infinitely harder than spring. The break is shorter, it comes later, and somehow I have to cram in that last dash of grading while Christmas shopping, rehearsing with the choir, lighting candles, enjoying the change of seasons and generally feeling the Christmas spirit. Every year I fully intend to find some of the Advent reflection that sounds so glorious, but seem to have so little time in which to do it outside of church.

It's so strange to look at people for whom the year is not divided by semesters. It's normal, right? It's how most of this world goes about their lives. Odd concept, that.


Harriet M. Welsch said...

Good luck. The December grading is always challenging. But I've always kind of liked it too. For musicians, December is always insane. That's part of the season for me, so when it doesn't feel busy, it doesn't feel like the holidays.

itsmecissy said...

Ha! Great way to look at it,life divided by semesters. It's been my life for all my working life, can't imagine it any other way.

Glad to see you're back blogging.