Tuesday, September 15, 2009

status update

If I had a facebook account, which I do not, my current status would be, "lemming is unable to correctly type the word "conquer" tonight, and is reluctant to ponder the potential significance of this fact."

I got it wrong again in the typing of this post.


John B. said...

You need a Facebook account. Be assured, you are the last American without one.

itsmecissy said...

I don't have one either A. and don't see the need for another life-sucking social activity (no disrespect to anyone who has an account).

Ron Griggs said...

As a child, I read British children's stories in which the boys would tie walnuts to strings and bang them together competitively to see whose would win (by not breaking first.) They called them "conkers" but in my mind that word got mixed up with "conquers" and caused no end of spelling confusion.

Tracie Thompson said...

Heh. I just found this and yes, I have those brain-got-its-wires-crossed times, too.

I do have a Facebook account and it's ... interesting. It's a labyrinth, to me; I barely know what I'm doing over there.