Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a denial

I, Sam, would like to offer a blanket statement to the effect that the mistress is up to no good. In fact, she is trying to smear the good name of a perfectly respectable lady dog of mature years by insinuating that she and I would possibly have any sort of feelings for each other beyond a mutual distrust of rabbits.

Dangerous, blood-thirsty rabbits, I should add, ones who traipse across our yard - I mean my yard, and the mature lady dog assists me in the barking and chasing...

The mistress claims that I sit outside the door of the lady dog's domicile and wait for her. This is untrue. I simply happen to be walking by very slowly and prepared to greet her should she by chance emerge. It's pure happenstance that I insisted upon going outside at 11:30 last night just as the mature lady dog also happened to be taking a stroll.


Anonymous said...

My dear Sam,
Yes, it is I, your "cousin" Samson. otherwise known in these pages as "hell spawn." I am delighted that you have met "une femme d'une certaine age." I have heard that this sort of encounter can greatly improve one's later years.

I, alas, have not been so fortunate. My mistress, your "grand-mother," as it were, has subjected me to "the dentist." Absolutely dreadful experience. You should enjoy your "greenies" even more.

Now your "grand-mnother" will not allow me to spend any significant amount of time outdoors. She says that my dental work cost more than her's and I'm to stay inside. She goes on to bewail the disappearances of CeCe,Freddy, and Grey Boy since we all returned from our visit with you. Something about 3 felines within 6 weeks and my being TOO expensive to lose.

Alors, mon vieux. Enjoy your lady friend and may the force be with you.

itsmecissy said...

Go for it Sam!!!