Saturday, May 03, 2008

a scorecard

As of 10:30 Saturday Morning:

Phone Calls:

Clinton: 1 - very nice older lady, we had a great chat
Obama: 3 - they have an organizational edge in my book because they made sure that I knew when the polls opened and closed and where my polling place was located


Clinton: 0
Obama: 12

Visits by Jehovah's Witnesses: 1

I cannot even begin to tell you all how psyched I am for Tuesday. Indiana hasn't mattered since 1968. (For the moment, I am choosing to forget about RFK and just be excited.)


Matt Brown said...

I've received only one call from Camp Clinton, none from Team Obama. A nice, 50ish looking couple came by today to give me some Hillary flyers. I received one item from each in the mail.

So, what did you say to the JW's?

lemming said...

Oh teh usual - yes, I know teh Lord's Prayer and say it daily (true), yes, I am familiar with their denomination (true), I admire their commitment to evnagelism (true) and that I have a church home at the moment (true) but that if they left literature I would read it (true.)

It seems so awful to lie to the Jehovahs or the Mormons when they come around.