Wednesday, February 06, 2008

post-mortem on Super Tuesday

I am fascinated by all of the conservative talking heads who have announced that if John McCain is the nominee that they will work for Hillary's election. Aren't these the same folks who villified her ten years ago? Accused her of theft, murder, avarice, deceit, cover-up, conspiracy and any number of other foul acts?

This to me smacks of the same tone adopted four years ago by another end of the spectrum - "ohmigod, if Bush wins this election I am moving to Canada." Yeah, and all of you did just that.

Right now I'm just holding my breath for an actual honest to goodness primary election among the Democrats. It would be terrific if my primary vote, cast in May, carried more than symbolic value.


Jeanne said...

I do have one friend who recently moved with his partner to Canada. It took him over a year to get all the paperwork done, and he still can't find a job in his chosen field up there, but boy do I admire the courage of his convictions.

itsmecissy said...

Yeah, and if Ann Coulter votes for Hillary, I'M moving to Canada!!!

Kurt M. Weber said...

Well, to be frank, McCain can is in fact hardly a conservative. The refusal to sanction hypocrisy, and the desire to make a point to the GOP, is perfectly understandable, although I wish they'd just write in Ron Paul instead. That's what I'm doing.

I'm not voting in him in the primary, though--I don't participate in primaries on principle.