Sunday, September 02, 2007

memorable moments

As one is (hopefully) wont to do, I stopped by the bathroom before class a few days ago to take care of, er, private and personal matters. I cannot speak for men's facilities, but ladies rooms usually have a space of about 18 inches between the floor and the wall of the adjoining stall.

I happened to look around me while in said stall, and noticed that the ankle next to mine had a really pretty tattoo on it. I personally do not want a tattoo, but this was really attractive - well drawn, great colors, contrast etc. When we were both out and washing hands, I complimented the student on it.

The student, who up until then seemed fairly normal, looked at me as though I had suggested that we dangle live crawfish from our eyebrows. "I never thought a professor would like a tattoo." eeek - what have I done - and I'm obviously a professor, ohmigod, eeek, I am OLD

Today it hit me - I thought the tattoo was pretty and whatever, I will have forgotten about this in a few months. This is now part of this student's college experience and she will probably remember forever that a professor complimented her (in the bathroom, no less) on it. The student said the tattoo was new and her mother hated it. Yet here I am. I made a memory and a good one.



John B. said...

At least you didn't brush her ankle like a certain Senator from Idaho...

I have one talk in the men's room, ever.

Hugh said...

Aw shucks, John ya beat me to the Craig remark.

Other rules in the men's bathroom: leave as much space as possible between you and the other guys at the urinals. And look straight up or down, never to the sides, while you are at the urinals.

Matt Brown said...

Also: never shake hands with the guy who offers you his while at the urinal.