Monday, July 16, 2007

for Harriet

When we were young and we were poor, Harriet bought me drinks, so I feel that I owe her. Heck, I'm still poor, but I still do feel that I owe her to the best of my ability to repay when not writing large checks for my student loan debts. Thus when she punts a meme my way, I feel obligated to respond - but this is a toughie.

The basic theme seems to be six things that no one know about you - I am a dull person, but let's see what I can do here.

1) For an in-class presentation I once set a piece of paper on fire. Yes, I did manage to wrangle an A without setting off the fire alarm.

2) I have never eaten a brussels sprout and do not feel that this is a element lacking in my life.

3) Neither have I ever eaten cottage cheese.

4) This blog was named in part after Pilgrim's Progress and a cartoon in The New Yorker with (what else) lemmings in it. Since then, TNY has run quite a few lemming cartoons and I compulsively save them all. I know absolutely nothing else about lemmings.

5) I believe that I live with a ghost. I've only seen him once, but he moves and drops things, opens doors and generally reminds me that he's here. I'm not afraid of him, but I do believe that he's here, keeping an eye on things.

6) Um.... it's red.

Sam is still acting oddly. The tests all came back fine, but as soon as he finished taking the pills, Sam went back to acting oddly. I wish that I could actually talk to him, have ten minutes of conversation, and find out just what's going on. Thanks to all who asked.


Steven the Rill said...

Brussels Sprouts are delicious but, like most Brits, Christmas dinner is the only time I ever seem to eat them. lol

harriet said...

Aw, thanks, Lemming! I never liked Brussels sprouts, even after I picked them on a farm and thought they were so cute that I would try them. They were still yucky. But my family had them every Christmas Eve (must have been those years we spent in London) and we complained every year, but we ate them. And also pontificated about them. Someone was likely to make a comment about the bitterness of family solidarity. And that someone was likely to be me.

Anonymous said...

Very young brussel sprouts(as in no bigger than a nickle) are delicious when pickled in dill-laced brine usually associated with cucumbers