Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday musings

I've been trying to remember what it was about the Attny. General that I didn't like during the confirmation hearings. I don't mean his politics or policies or anything like that (though I disagree with him there as well) but there was something about his as a person that really turned my stomach. Then I managed to forget all about him - out of sight, out of mind, figured he was doing his job. With all of the latest news coverage, my stomach turns again. At least he was doing a job. (said she with a groan)

Even if the Republicans had managed a majority in Congress, I still think we'd have something of a lame duck situation in place. Everyone is hanging on for the 2008 elections.

NPR did a great piece the other morning about the president's Latin America tour, noting that he mentioned food in nearly all of his speeches. Perhaps he is tired, too.


The_Kid_ said...

The Department of Justice is supposed to be a-political. Doesn't appear that has been the case since Bush's old buddy took over the position of Attorney General.

Kurt M. Weber said...

It's never been apolitical.

The Attorney General and his subordinates serve at the pleasure of the President.

Upset the boss and you're gone. It's always like that.

tommyspoon said...

Yeah, but Gonzo told Congress that the firings weren't politically motivated. He lied: they were. If Clinton can be impeached for lying...

Kurt M. Weber said...

Well, to be fair, Clinton was impeached for lying under oath. That wasn't the case here.

And since when can dead journalists be President? :D

lemming said...

Didn't G have to take an oath before congress of some sort? No matter - I'm confident that he will repeat his version of the story. I suspect that any investigation will take longer han tehBush presidency has to run its course. What happens next will depend upon the 2008 election, but I smell presidential pardon. GWB won't help Scooter (what sort of grown man goes by Scooter?) but I redict he'll help G.

Then again, he did execute Karla Faye Tucker.

lemming said...

Kurt - I'd respond to your latest (and thanks for the link!) but I can't log on to your site.

Kurt M. Weber said...

There should be a "Register" link down at the bottom where you go to log in.

Thanks to you, too!

Anyway...impeachment is essentially an indictment. Thus, if there is no reason to think a crime has been committed, impeachment proceedings cannot begin.

I was not aware that President Bush was actually "testifying" before Congress when he made those remarks. If he was, then yes, he would have been under oath, and so if he was indeed lying then he was committing a crime. But if it was just a press release, or a memo, or a letter then it is not, to my knowledge, a crime to lie.

Steven the Rill said...

If you want to see a lame duck situation then take a look at what's happening over here in the UK.

We're all waiting for Tony Blair's resignation - which might be in May or might not be... It's been like this since September when he was forced into saying he'd quit this year.