Wednesday, October 04, 2006

onward, onward and onward

Lemming progresses.

It happens more slowly than I would like most days, but as I plow through the first set of exams and assignments, I can see that I have actually managed to teach something to everyone. I've never done of one my current courses before, so I keep waiting to be called an imposter and sent out - yet I seem to be able to communicate not only the material, but a passion for it.


I am sickened by and having nightmares about the attack on the Amish schoolhouse. Unlike so many events that are described as "freak accidents" this truly was unpredictable and probably unpreveventable. Nonetheless it is horrific. Listenng to the BBC radio reports, I am struck by how frequently the British commentators expect that this will somehow change American gun policy.

Please don't get me wrong - nothing in current or future gun laws cold have prevented this from happening. Still, it doesn't improve our international standing.

Yours in pondering national and foreign policy,

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