Wednesday, June 27, 2012

clean the fan

Lemming Headquarters is still pretty cool, thanks to temps in the lows 60s last night. I'm holding off on turning on the fans as long as I can, so as to enjoy the quiet. The dog is still sleeping (a very vigilant sleeping, of course, as he's on duty at all times)on the carpet as opposed to the tiled floor of the bathroom that will soon be his primary domicile.

I love summer, but I hate the heat. Check that: I hate the heat when I know I'll have the air conditioning off out of necessity. People cannot fathom why I am doing this, even as I'm told that I need to cut expenses and spend only on the important areas of life.

I feel guilty about bringing a dog with a heavy coat into a summer like this, but he's young and I can cool him down with a bath if need be. I wonder if I can borrow a kiddie wading pool from someplace and see what he thinks.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

coming around again

There are the annoying constants in life we expect, such as taxes or annoying people ahead of us in line at airport scanners. Then there are the constants that keep cropping up, unexpected, but so often that after a while you'd think a person would know better.

Mine seems to be air conditioning or, rather, the lack of air conditioning. Now, this was fine when I was a camp counselor and, let's face it, part of being a college student is learning to live under odd conditions with a smile. (Well, for me it was, at least; I realize that for others it was not.)

As a quasi-adult, though, I'm heading into my fifth summer without air conditioning because I cannot get mine fixed. Each time the repair has been a small and simple one, and I am sure that it is this time, too. Granted, I choose to spend money each month on luxuries, such as fresh vegetables and an Internet connection, and, at the end of the day, I'll choose them again.

However, I reserve the right to curse at my student loan check sitting in the mailbox.